Berkshire Center for Whole Health

My practice is ideally suited for the patient with medical complexity. Having a champion who can provide a level of advocacy that is needed to make sense of a system that can seemed fractured at times can make a big difference.

Maria Pappas

Catizone Meditation Benches

Since 1980, designer Peter Catizone, who originated the rounded leg base, has created these innovative products to achieve beauty, elegance and functionality.


Downtown Drs. Brown

We believe…

…Each patient has a unique story and it is crucial your doctor understand it.

…Fewer barriers between the patient and their physician will lead to better care.

…Doctoring is about sickness and wellness, physical health and mental health.

…Patients should feel comfortable and free of judgment at their doctor’s office.

Mark Tatro


As a private healthcare advisor, Healthassist will help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. We provide the personal attention and clear information that our clients look for, ensuring the best quality care and outcomes.

We specialize in two areas: overseeing complicated situations involving multiple medical conditions, and choosing among and managing insurance choices.

Mark Tatro