Catizone Meditation Benches

Since 1980, designer Peter Catizone, who originated the rounded leg base, has created these innovative products to achieve beauty, elegance and functionality.


Move on the Cha-Chas

Move on the Cha-Cha’s is dedicated to all who pause at a certain age, reflecting on life lived and lessons learned. Life’s journey is all about taking the next step. Even when we don’t know where that step may be taking us.

Kim Barron

Urban Visual Media

For the past twenty five years our family has lived a life on the farm. Our companions, affectionately referred to as our friends in fur, have influenced careers, shaped a childhood, and been the source of many stories and fond memories.

Our website is designed to share these experiences. Showcased here is the fine art of Jocelyn Sandor Urban and her family. From portraits to farm landscapes, from humorous greeting cards to uplifting “Friends in Fur” stories our growing collections are vivid reflections of rural life.

Mark Tatro