Let’s Work Together

My goal is to help empower you to do as much as you want to, and then I can help with the rest.


I have a simple, straightforward approach to pricing:

  1. $90 an hour for my services, available as a 20-hour package.
  2. $100 an hour for my services, available as a 10-hour package.
  3. $110 an hour for my services, available as a 5-hour package.
  4. $125 an hour for my services, available as a 2-hour package.

You buy the hours up front, which are good for a year. Hours are not refundable, but there are no contracts or monthly minimum required.

You can use hours for any of the services below.

Website development

I create custom WordPress websites tailored to your content, based on a design you or your designer provides. I make it easy for you to edit your content, without having to worry about technology. Development includes setting up the following components:

  • Domain name(s)
  • Web hosting account
  • Email account(s)
  • SSL certificate
  • Backup software
  • Security software
  • SEO software
  • Google Analytics and Search Console accounts

Website assessment

The internet is always evolving, and maintaining security becomes more of a challenge. Is your website keeping pace? Here are some of the things I review as part of the assessment:

  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Does your website look good and function well on a phone? (Is it “responsive”?)
  • Is your website optimized to be found by search engines (SEO for Google, Yahoo, etc.)?
  • Is your website secure and correctly configured against bad actors, spam and malicious code?
  • Does it have an SSL certificate installed?
  • Does your website use the latest version of software?
  • Is your website being backed up regularly?
  • Is your website bloated with unused or outdated pages, images, plugins and themes? 
  • And more!

Website maintenance

Your website is not static. Even if you don’t change a single comma, your website changes on its own. That’s because the underlying software and server technologies are constantly evolving. In particular, a WordPress website relies on several types of software that need to be updated regularly.

If you don’t keep up with updates, your website may stop working as it should. In the most drastic cases, your website will appear broken or become vulnerable to hackers. If you’re not sure how to address these concerns yourself (or are simply not inclined), I can help. I’ll keep an eye on your website, making sure things are humming along as they should. Every month, I’ll:

  • Ensure the security of your website
  • Back up your website
  • Update software and plugins that are safe to update

Other services

  • Training and instructions
  • Ongoing help
  • Consultation