Keeping your website content fresh

I hope you’re able to safely navigate these challenging and increasingly uncertain times. As people are turning more and more to the internet, I took advantage of this period to update the design of my websites Open Mode — with help from the inimitable Mark Tatro — and Paintings and Drawings by Shuchter. My main goal was to find ways to feature fresh content. Hopefully some of the following ideas will inspire you!

Many — if not most — of the pages on your website are static and won’t change much from year to year.

However, it’s generally a good idea to keep your content updated so that people and search engines can find new information when they visit your website. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Maintain a blog

In addition to providing you with a platform for sharing your ideas and knowledge, a blog is a great way to continuously update the content on your website. With each new post, your website grows in usefulness to your readers, while remaining current.

Here’s a screenshot of my blog page, called Notes:

Display your latest post on your home page

Your home page is the most important page of your website. It is the first page that people and search engines see when they go to your URL.

If you’re writing blog posts regularly, display the latest one or two on the home page. It keeps your home page fresh, and helps lead users into your website.

An excerpt of this blog post displayed on the home page.

Curate content from other people

In addition to — or instead of — writing your own content regularly, you can curate content that appears elsewhere on the internet.

I feature a different client each month on my home page. Perhaps you can highlight books that you find interesting, or you can share other people’s articles that you find helpful.

I feature a different client each month on my home page.

I also maintain a Client Blogs page where I display my clients’ latest posts. It’s not only a service I provide for my clients, it is a way to keep my own website updated with fresh content:

If you’re a current client, and you don’t see your blog displayed, it’s just an oversight on my part. Please contact me and I’ll be sure to add it.

It’s not just about words

Perhaps writing is not your main thing. Maybe you’re a visual artist who likes to draw or take a lot of photographs, or you’re a performer who plays music or acts.

As an example, here is one of my recent drawings. You can also post photos, videos, and music files on your website.

I try to start my each day with some creative energy. Here’s one of my recent drawings.

As always, feel free to contact me if you’re looking for help with your website.