How’s your website’s back-end? Part 2

Coming later in 2018, you’ll be able to forget everything I said in How’s your website’s back-end? Part 1. WordPress is about to undergo a change in the way the visual editor works. The new system is called Gutenberg.

Here’s a preview of what the WordPress editor will look like when Gutenberg arrives:

For one thing, it’s a lot cleaner than the current editor. The current editor uses one big block of content for all headers, images, quotes, and so on. The Gutenberg editor is based on separate blocks. Your text, images, quotes, etc., each appear in a separate block. It makes it much easier to move blocks around on the page and control the way they appear.

Blocks are also contextual. If you click on a text block you’ll see additional options just for that text block.

When you save the page, the front-end of the website updates automatically with the new look, without having to change style sheets or template files.

Gutenberg is still in development, so there are still kinks to be worked out. However, it promises to make the WordPress editor much more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience.