How do I add images in WordPress 5?

WordPress 5 changes the way images are added to your content. Images now have their own image block.

To add an image block to a post or page, first create a new block. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to put your cursor at the end of a paragraph block and then press the Return key.

In the new block, type a slash / and select Image as the block type.
The new image block will appear.
Use one of the buttons within the block to upload a new image or add one from your Media Library.
Hover over the block and use the arrows that appear to the left to move your block up or down to the position you want.
Use one of the icons at the top of the block to center the image on the page, or to align the image to the left or right of the block below it.
In the sidebar on the right of the screen, there are several ways to control the size of the image, and whether to assign a link to the image.

After you publish your page, remember to view it on a mobile device. Note that if you’ve aligned an image to the left or right of a paragraph, you may have to adjust its size so that it fits properly on the smaller screen.