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Blue Penguin Development

  • What Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me
    by Michael Katz

    I don’t know what’s on your bucket list, but until recently, I had just two things: 1.      Sit in the front row of an NBA basketball game. 2.      Take a stand-up comedy class. You’ll be pleased to learn that #2 has been officially checked off the list. After years of – let’s be honest – being too afraid to do it, I finally followed my wife Linda’s encouragement and signed up this past fall for an 8-week class at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Click to read more…

RocketGirl Solutions

  • What Are You Tolerating?
    by Belinda Wasser

    I’ve known my friend Sarah for 15 years and I talk to her almost every day. At least every couple of days she mentions her basement (and not in a good way). Sarah’s basement is a chaotic mess filled with boxes from her grown daughter’s childhood, furniture inherited from her mother, luggage, tools, Christmas ornaments, The post What Are You Tolerating? appeared first on RocketGirl Solutions.

Lisa Corrado

  • 11 More Steps
    by Lisa Corrado

    This time last year, two men individually attempted to become the first person to complete a solo, unsupported and unaided trek across Antarctica. For almost two months, these intrepid explorers pulled all of their gear across very lonely terrain for 10 – 12 hours per day. While they both accomplished this amazing feat, only one of them could be “first”.… Click to read more…

Center for Strategy Research

  • Presents Over Presence…
    by Julie Brown

    Madonna is an icon. A queen. A legendary entertainer. But, she’s not a market researcher. If she were a market researcher, or used market research, (or ever heard of market research), she most definitely would have kept a few of her hits in mind during her concert in Las Vegas: 1) Express Yourself As we excitedly walked up to the venue inside Caesar’s, we learned that we would not be…" Read on…


  • Executives Share Their Top 5 “Complaint Priorities” For 2020
    by Marcia Tal

    Since launching the PositivityTechⓇ intelligent platform, we’ve met with dozens of financial institution executives. They have shared their need to listen more closely to their customers and to take action on the systemic patterns that manifest in their customers’ complaints. Here is what we’ve heard from them: “We have so much innovative technology, and yet, we [...]


  • The Emotional Rollercoaster of Adult Care
    by Dianne Savastano

    Recently, I observed an interaction between a son, Josh, and a healthcare provider caring for his dad, William. Josh said to the provider, who was recommending a treatment protocol to William, “My dad refuses and so I let him refuse.” It moved me. We work with many adult children of older parents who hire us… Read on…


Mersky, Jaffe & Associates

  • Mid-level donors count too!
    by Abigail Harmon

    Fundraisers love major donors. How could we not? They provide the necessary funds to keep our nonprofits running. We also love new donors. Bright, shiny and falling in love with our organization. In many ways, these two types of donors re-affirm our devotion… [Read more…] The post Mid-level donors count too! appeared first on MJA | Fundraising Consultants & Executive Search Firm.

Jaimela Dulaney, M.D.

  • Podcast: Plant Based Nutrition and Pregnant Runners!
    by Dr. Dulaney

    Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Addie Majnaric RDN and I ran the Houston Half Marathon this past weekend.  She is 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  Some would think eating plant based is not a good idea during pregnancy let alone running half marathons.  In reality being pregnant is not a disease, but it

Leichtman Research Group

  • 85% of U.S. Households Get an Internet Service at Home
    by Bruce Leichtman

    Durham, NH – December 23, 2019 – New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that 85% of U.S. households get an Internet service at home, compared to 84% in 2014 and 80% in 2009.  Broadband accounts for 96% of households with an Internet service at home, and 82% of all households get… more...

Aduro Consulting

  • Metaphors for Change: Finding Balance in a Polarized World, Part 2
    by Martha Miser

    Recap In Part 1, I discussed the prevalence of win-lose ways of thinking and speaking and how they create polarization and conflict across the spectrum of human systems. Still, I would suggest that people are not irrevocably stuck in a given point of view. In fact as an educator I believe that anyone can learn … Continue reading →

Tony Branda’s Customer Intelligence

Sara Fontenot

  • Health Care in the Federal Court System: 2020
    by Sarah Fontenot

    With the intensity of the 2020 election building and this week’s opening of the impeachment trial, it would be easy to forget all the other activities in Washington D.C. that could dramatically affect health care in America. To start a new year of Fontenotes, I will provide a quick preview of what to watch for

Compensation HR Group

  • Upcoming HR Trends in 2020 and Beyond
    by Dan Weaver

    As 2019 comes to a close, we not only have a new year to look forward to, but the start of a brand new decade (crazy, right?). This will undoubtedly have many professionals wondering what the future will hold for business, including human resources. Here are some HR trends that are expected to really take… Click to read more…

The NemetzGroup

  • Spotlight on Transitions
    by Susan Nemetz

    This topic of “transition” came home to me (literally and figuratively) over the Thanksgiving holiday. With our adult kids returning, my husband and I decided it was time to have them go through their “bins” and throw out, donate, or take back with them, their childhood. The bins in question are tools we employed over… Read the full article… The post Spotlight on Transitions appeared first on The NemetzGroup.