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Blue Penguin Development
In a Pickle
Maybe you’ve heard. Tennis and Ping Pong had a baby – they named it “Pickleball.” This game/sport is kind of …
RocketGirl Solutions
Get On Board With Client Onboarding
Last week, I had several conversations with a number of solo professionals about how to run their businesses more efficiently. That’s …
Lisa Corrado
Listen between the lines
A local business just got a brand-new client: me! While this isn’t big news, the a-ha moment I got from …
Center for Strategy Research
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons (and research)
March was National Caffeine Awareness month, which is why this quote from T.S. Eliot sprung to mind (plus measuring makes …
Answering The Need For Better Complaint Categorization
We’ve all experienced this: we call our bank with an issue that needs to be addressed, and we’re transferred from …
What’s Your “Plan B?”
As we celebrate our 100th issue of Healthassist News, I find myself incredibly appreciative of all of you, my readers. …
Exponential Innovation Through Synectics
It is your imagination that is the key ingredient into harnessing the future.
Mersky, Jaffe & Associates
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Jaimela Dulaney, M.D.
Podcast: Thank you Samantha
Welcome! and thank you for listening.  I am a plant based cardiologist and also a vegan.  As many of you …
Leichtman Research Group
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Aduro Consulting
Lessons from Frederick
That Damn Mouse I kept thinking about Frederick. To be honest, I tried to write another article, but it was …
Diane Ripstein
White Mama
All Mothers Were Summoned when George Floyd died, calling out for his Mama. I can’t write those words without crying. …
Sara Fontenot
Viruses 101: A Quick Review
The world has been brought to its knees by a virus. Which begs the question: What’s a virus? If you …
Compensation HR Group
COVID-19 Impact on Merit
Drinking my morning cup of coffee, I look out my window, and for a moment it looks like the world …
The NemetzGroup
There Is No Such Thing as a Free Launch!
One of the things I’ve enjoyed about working with The NemetzGroup is the exposure to so many organizations and the …
bespeak presentation solutions
10 Steps to Nailing your Remote Interview
 While some interviews were being conducted remotely before Covid19, these days they are just about all done remotely. And now …
ImprovAndy Elevator Pitch
3 Elevator Pitch Mistakes (and how to fix them)
I’ve found that the more people talk about how hard they worked, the less comfortable they are with their results. …