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Blue Penguin Development
Unearth-a Your Inertia
When it comes to life experiences, there is a near endless supply of things you have lived that your children …
RocketGirl Solutions
Get On Board With Client Onboarding
Last week, I had several conversations with a number of solo professionals about how to run their businesses more efficiently. That’s …
Lisa Corrado
You have GOT to take better care of yourself
I’ll make this quick: you have GOT to take better care of yourself! You (yes you!) are struggling way too hard right …
Center for Strategy Research
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons (and research)
March was National Caffeine Awareness month, which is why this quote from T.S. Eliot sprung to mind (plus measuring makes …
Announcing The Bias Index: Identifying Discrimination In Your Institution
In banking, bias reveals itself in subtle ways. Customers may experience an obstacle and find that discrimination is at the …
Making the Most of Virtual Physician Appointments
Over the past few months and in many ways, the world has changed significantly. No more so than when it …
Exponential Innovation Through Synectics
It is your imagination that is the key ingredient into harnessing the future.
Mersky, Jaffe & Associates
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Jaimela Dulaney, M.D.
Podcast: Let’s put a Little Compassion Back into our Lives
Welcome! and Thank you for Listening.  Welcome Caleb James to the world at 11:32 pm on Thursday evening.  I am …
Leichtman Research Group
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Aduro Consulting
Lessons from Frederick
That Damn Mouse I kept thinking about Frederick. To be honest, I tried to write another article, but it was …
Diane Ripstein
Just Pick Up the Phone
Nice to See You, But No disrespect, Zoom (Microsoft Teams, WebEx). I appreciate you and I’m using you as much …
Sara Fontenot
Can You Sign That Get-Well Card? Understanding Medical Privacy & Caring Friends
More than any time in recent memory, we are all hyper-aware of the health of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. …
Compensation HR Group
Maintaining Routines When Working Remotely
If you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you what a crazy month it’s been. March 2020 has brought …
The NemetzGroup
Industry Leaders Speak
Over the past month, Frank Dolan of Arsenal Advisors has interviewed more than 30 leaders and experts in our industry — one …
bespeak presentation solutions
Now that all communication is remote, which one is best for what?
Now that most of us are hunkered down in our home offices, our business communications are all remote. Where we …
ImprovAndy Elevator Pitch
Recycling bins are baffling. What if the paper envelope has a plastic window? Does a used napkin go in paper …