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Blue Penguin Development

  • Feelings
    by Michael Katz

    Now that it’s late February, two things are all but guaranteed: Thing #1: My fellow New Englanders have begun lying to one another about how spring is, “Just around the corner.” Thing #2: My accountant is mad at me. I’m not sure what causes Thing #1, but I’m quite certain about what’s behind Thing #2. She’s mad because she’s just completed my taxes and, as is the case every year, I am due a refund. That means I overpaid last Click to read more…

RocketGirl Solutions

  • Get On Board With Client Onboarding
    by Belinda Wasser

    Last week, I had several conversations with a number of solo professionals about how to run their businesses more efficiently. That’s a common topic, since all of us are looking for more time in our already crammed days. Each of them has been in business for at least five years (one person for 20!), so they’re The post Get On Board With Client Onboarding appeared first on RocketGirl Solutions.

Lisa Corrado

  • It’s so easy . . .
    by Lisa Corrado

    One of my brilliant clients dropped a gorgeous piece of advice on me recently. As we talked through something she’s trying to sort out, I asked her to close her eyes and speak what advice was coming up for her. It’s this: Go to the open window, not the closed door. Holy Hallelujah! I love that… Click to read more…

Center for Strategy Research

  • Love (Research), Actually
    by Julie Brown

    As most of us know, from songs, movies, novels, comic books, poems, advertising, fairy tales, Facebook, and even sometimes, our own lives, finding “the one” can be a key to happiness in life (even if our spouses don’t always think so!). The same urgency of finding “the one” applies to market research, but even more so. Recruiting the wrong research participant is one of the few things more painful than…" Read on…


  • Executives Share Their Top 5 “Complaint Priorities” For 2020
    by Marcia Tal

    Since launching the PositivityTechⓇ intelligent platform, we’ve met with dozens of financial institution executives. They have shared their need to listen more closely to their customers and to take action on the systemic patterns that manifest in their customers’ complaints. Here is what we’ve heard from them: “We have so much innovative technology, and yet, we [...]


  • Health Insurance — What Exactly Am I Buying?
    by Dianne Savastano

    Many of our clients complain about their inadequate health insurance coverage. Often, the cause is a lack of understanding regarding the true costs of coverage, as well as the inherent administrative barriers that exist. Our goal, always, is to educate our clients. This way, they can make informed selections about Medicare coverage and/or purchases on… Read on…


Mersky, Jaffe & Associates

  • Are Your Annual Fundraising Goals Are Too High, Too Low, or Just Right?
    by Abigail Harmon

    Do you think your annual fundraising goals are: Way too low, Somewhat too low Just about right Somewhat too high Way too high N/A This is one of the questions we ask when we conduct an Organization and Development Assessment Survey which we… [Read more…] The post Are Your Annual Fundraising Goals Are Too High, Too Low, or Just Right? appeared first on MJA | Fundraising Consultants & Executive Search Firm.

Jaimela Dulaney, M.D.

  • Podcast: Austin Marathon Recap and Why You Should Not Sit for Long
    by Dr. Dulaney

    Welcome, and Thank you for listening!.  This episode is a recap of the Austin Marathon.  One of my facinations about running long distance is it’s correlation to life.  You prepare and plan, but you really do not know what is coming until you actually begin to experience it.  We can control control for some variables,

Leichtman Research Group

  • 85% of U.S. Households Get an Internet Service at Home
    by Bruce Leichtman

    Durham, NH – December 23, 2019 – New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that 85% of U.S. households get an Internet service at home, compared to 84% in 2014 and 80% in 2009.  Broadband accounts for 96% of households with an Internet service at home, and 82% of all households get… more...

Aduro Consulting

  • Metaphors for Change: Finding Balance in a Polarized World, Part 2
    by Martha Miser

    Recap In Part 1, I discussed the prevalence of win-lose ways of thinking and speaking and how they create polarization and conflict across the spectrum of human systems. Still, I would suggest that people are not irrevocably stuck in a given point of view. In fact as an educator I believe that anyone can learn … Continue reading →

Diane Ripstein

  • I (Heart) You.
    by Diane Ripstein

    Hearts Are Ubiquitous And I don’t mean just because of Valentine’s day. Have you noticed how often hearts pop up in our emoji-laden, shorthand, pop culture? A Little Heart-Based Googling delivers a wondrous abundance of just how vital this organ is to our verbiage. At heart=basically. By heart=from memory. Heavy heart=sadness. Lose heart=discouraged. Big heart=generous. [Read More...] The post I (Heart) You. appeared first on Diane Ripstein.

Sara Fontenot

Compensation HR Group

  • Top 5 Careers in 2020
    by Dan Weaver

    If you are currently seeking a new job or career, you are in luck. Reports are coming in that many available jobs have been opening since the holidays ended – and employers want to fill them now. Whether it’s a career change you want or you’re an HR professional curious about hot jobs right now,… Click to read more…

The NemetzGroup

  • Right-Sized Strategy
    by Colleen Moore

    Many years ago, when we first started working with emerging life sciences companies to provide a roadmap for the commercialization of their technologies, we began with a list of essential activities and the corresponding budget that would be required. Our approach has always been to ensure those activities are synchronized with the product’s regulatory and… Read the full article… The post Right-Sized Strategy appeared first on The NemetzGroup.

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