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  • DeSimone Functional Medicine

    DeSimone Functional Medicine

    Patients oftentimes have long standing or complicated conditions that do not lend to short-term fixes. By getting to the underlying cause of your problem, and working in a trusting doctor-patient partnership, you are empowered on your path to healing.

  • Lyn Chamberlin

    Lyn Chamberlin

    I work with women and organizations to tackle the question how do I go from here to there? I’m passionate about helping women take charge of their professional lives and make an impact on the world. I create award-winning, stand-out brands that get jobs, win promotions, clinch new business, get media attention, and rise above the…

  • Catizone


    Since 1980, designer Peter Catizone, who originated the rounded leg base, has created these innovative products to achieve beauty, elegance and functionality. Website: Designer: Barry Shuchter

  • Urban Visual Media

    Urban Visual Media

    For the past twenty five years our family has lived a life on the farm. Our companions, affectionately referred to as our friends in fur, have influenced careers, shaped a childhood, and been the source of many stories and fond memories. Our website is designed to share these experiences. Showcased here is the fine art…

  • Tal Solutions Framework

    Tal Solutions Framework

    Tal Solutions’ FRAMEWORK newsletter presents you with a bi-monthly collection of curated, personally selected content and media focused on big ideas about and beyond Data Analytics — all with Marcia Tal’s insightful point-of-view and commentary. Website:

  • RocketGirl Solutions

    RocketGirl Solutions

    A business workflow and logistics expert with 25 years of experience, RocketGirl Solutions Founder Belinda Wasser is hired by small businesses on a contract basis to act as their part-time, “business manager.” Website: Designer: Mark Tatro

  • New Shore Financial

    New Shore Financial

    New Shore is an independent, fee-only, financial advisory firm focused on helping professional women like you take control of your money, especially during financial transition. Website: Designer: Mark Tatro

  • Move on the Cha-Chas

    Move on the Cha-Chas

    Move on the Cha-Cha’s is dedicated to all who pause at a certain age, reflecting on life lived and lessons learned. Life’s journey is all about taking the next step. Even when we don’t know where that step may be taking us. Website: Designer: Kim Barron

  • Leichtman Research Group

    Leichtman Research Group

    Since 2002, Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) has specialized in research and analysis of the broadband, media and entertainment industries in the U.S. LRG combines ongoing consumer research studies with industry tracking and analysis to provide companies with a richer understanding of current market conditions, and the potential impact of new products and services. Website:…

  • Lindsey Leadership Coaching

    Lindsey Leadership Coaching

    Lindsey Leadership Consulting works with organizations and their leaders so that they can provide a vision and consistent perspective while sustaining important values within the organization. We provide coaching and leadership development to individuals, teams, and organizations to reinforce their ability to lead with integrity and build successful workplaces that inspire the trust of others.…

  • Healthassist


    As a private healthcare advisor, Healthassist will help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. We provide the personal attention and clear information that our clients look for, ensuring the best quality care and outcomes. We specialize in two areas: overseeing complicated situations involving multiple medical conditions, and choosing among and managing insurance choices.…

  • Great Pond Resolutions

    Great Pond Resolutions

    Many leaders are experts in their business. But when it comes to the subtleties of leading people — building trust, engendering collaboration, resolving conflict, disrupting counterproductive habits — they have significant, surprisingly accessible opportunities for growth. Through training, facilitation, coaching, and mediation, I help you develop the clarity, the confidence and the skill to get the…