Author: Barry Shuchter

  • What’s it worth to you?

    What’s it worth to you?

    “When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss Money.” ― Oscar Wilde The following apocryphal story takes place early in Picasso’s career, before he was widely known. His art studio in Paris was full of paintings that showed early promise of greater things to come. One day,…

  • DeSimone Functional Medicine

    DeSimone Functional Medicine

    Patients oftentimes have long standing or complicated conditions that do not lend to short-term fixes. By getting to the underlying cause of your problem, and working in a trusting doctor-patient partnership, you are empowered on your path to healing.

  • Alaskan Adventure Continued

    Alaskan Adventure Continued

    Having worked so many hours on computers that my eyes were starting to play dangerous tricks on me, I wanted to get away from it all. I was determined find a cabin in the Alaskan woods where I could be by myself, surrounded only by nature, with no distractions, books, or cameras, and especially no…

  • Workplaces Illustrated

    Workplaces Illustrated

    Back in the 1980s, when personal computers first became available, they seemed destined to become ubiquitous in the workplace. My friends and I wondered how we would ever learn to use these things. We were out of school and in the workforce, but opportunities to learn the new computer technology were nonexistent as far as…

  • The eyes have it

    The eyes have it

    Even after staring at computer screens for decades, thankfully my eyesight is pretty decent. Things were much worse back in the ‘80s. In my full-time job I formatted text for teams of computer programmers. I spent endless hours — including overtime — working with thousands of lines of monochromatic text on screens. On evenings and…

  • My career as a filmmaker

    My career as a filmmaker

    In my 20s, I wanted to be a filmmaker. I had written a full-length film script about an animated character who leaves her hometown to go to college in a real, non-animated city. Over the course of her studies and experiences, she learns to believe in herself and her abilities of self-expression. The film would…

  • It’s not your fault

    It’s not your fault

    When it comes to a technological challenge, have you ever said to yourself “I’m such a dummy”? I’ve had clients say this about themselves, or apologize to me for not understanding something about technology, or even for making a mistake when editing their own website. As someone well acquainted with technological change, I’m here to…

  • Action Needed: Oogle Poogle Google

    Action Needed: Oogle Poogle Google

    While the title of this article is a bit nonsensical, the upcoming changes to Google Analytics are not. Many of you already know that Google is upgrading its analytics software from version 3 to version 4. However, there is no way to move the statistics you gathered using version 3 into version 4. As a…

  • Lyn Chamberlin

    Lyn Chamberlin

    I work with women and organizations to tackle the question how do I go from here to there? I’m passionate about helping women take charge of their professional lives and make an impact on the world. I create award-winning, stand-out brands that get jobs, win promotions, clinch new business, get media attention, and rise above the…

  • How do I know if you’ve read this?

    How do I know if you’ve read this?

    If you’re reading this newsletter on my website, I don’t have a way to know if you’ve read it. Using Google Analytics, I can see statistics about how many people view this page and how much time they spend on it, from which I can infer how many people might have read it. But I…

  • How do I find you?

    How do I find you?

    Before you can decorate your living space, you need a place to live. Before people can visit you, they’ll need directions to your location. Before people can write to you, they’ll need to know your name and address. For security, it’s a good idea to lock your doors. Before you can build your website, you…

  • Congrats on your website. Now what?

    Congrats on your website. Now what?

    Now that your website is up and running, how do you let people know it exists? If you don’t already have a blog on your website, I highly recommend writing regular blog posts as a way of providing timely information about who you are and what you offer. For more details, visit my post, “Keeping…